Thursday, 15 October 2015

Mac Whirl Matte Lipstick & Lip Liner Comparison, Review & Swatches

As a massive fan of Kylie Jenner's signature nude pout, I was one of the many girls waiting for Mac Whirl lip liner to get back in stock. So when I heard that Mac had a Whirl lipstick I was beyond excited and ordered it immediately. As always, Mac did not disappoint and I am so glad that I ordered the lipstick. While I love the lip liner, having both items just feels really luxurious! 


Mac are well known for their immaculate packaging and high quality but still I am impressed every time I purchase their products. I just love the simple, classy packaging and think it's so iconic and timeless. It's also really resilient and you can easily put it in your bag without worrying about the lid coming off or it getting scratched. 

The lipstick is one of Mac's matte formulas, which I love. They have a gorgeous velvety finish but are creamy and comfortable to wear. The lipstick has a very matte finish but has more sheen than the lip liner, which is 100% matte. While I love Whirl lip liner, applying it all over the lips can be a little drying. Although it does give an incredibly matte finish, I prefer wearing the lipstick as it is far more comfortable to wear. However, the combination of both is amazing! As the lipstick is quite a dark, intense shade, it can be difficult to get the perfect outline, and using the lip liner makes it far easier to perfect the shape and add definition. I also think combining the two makes it really long lasting, which is always a good thing! 

 Here are some swatches of the lipstick by itself. I will show the Whirl lip liner comparison shots shortly.


As you can see, it's a gorgeous 90s nude. Now I will show you the lipstick alongside Whirl lip liner. 

The lipstick is a perfect match to the lip liner. It's a deep brown shade with a slight rosiness to it. It's the perfect 90s nude and is very flattering and wearable. The shade is very brown and has just a hint of pinkness to it; it is far less pink than Soar lip liner. Whirl lip liner is marginally darker than the lipstick and perhaps a little less pink but the difference is minute and I've never seen a lipstick and lip liner match so perfectly. Here are some photos I took of myself wearing the lipstick and lip liner together. 

Using both of the products together creates such a long lasting look. I didn't have to reapply my lipstick for hours when I wore this lip combination and it honestly did feel as though I wasn't wearing lipstick. The lipstick is a great purchase and it means that I can save more of my precious Whirl lip liner! I would definitely recommend this lipstick to anybody, even if you don't have the lip liner as it's such a gorgeous shade and is incredibly flattering. 

I hope that you enjoyed this review! If you have any thoughts or questions just comment below!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Barry M Satin Super Slick Lipsticks in Mauve It & Truffle Shuffle Review & Swatches

When I saw Barry M's new satin lipsticks in an array of nude, mauve and brown shades, I was tempted beyond belief to purchase the entire collection. However, I showed some self restraint and purchased my favourite shades, Mauve It and Truffle Shuffle. I just adore the 90s vibes from this collection and think that all of the shades are gorgeous and wearable with a vintage feel.

As always, the packaging of these lipsticks is very sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. The lipstick is in a dark grey shiny case, which looks very sleek and expensive. It's fair to say that the lipsticks are super slick; I love how shiny and classy they look.

The lipsticks are very good quality; they are very pigmented and easy to apply. They are smooth and have a shiny finish. They are very long lasting and even last through drinking and eating. I only had to touch up my lipstick once throughout the day which is very impressive.

When I looked at the collection I immediately knew that I needed Mauve It. I adore mauve shades and they are incredibly fashionable at the moment. This shade is a gorgeous, retro colour. It's a pinkish brown shade with a slight greyness to it. It's quite a deep mauve shade and is very cool toned. I think that this shade is perfect for nailing the 90s look and it is quite similar to Rimmel London's Vintage Pink, but has less pinkness and is a darker shade.

Truffle Shuffle is a much lighter, cool toned brown shade with no pink undertones. I think that this is a gorgeous nude shade and it has a slight greyness to it. Again, this shade is very retro and conjures up images of the 90s. It's a very flattering shade and is less intense than Mauve It.

I would definitely recommend that you try out Barry M's newest lipsticks. They are such a gorgeous collection of nude and mauve shades and the colours I purchased are amazing . They are lovely colours and as always, great quality.

Have you tried out these lipsticks yet? Comment below if so or if you have any queries! I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and that you found it helpful.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Air Kiss & Traffic Jam Review & Swatches

NYC products are amazing quality and their lipsticks are some of their best products. At only £1.99 they are exceptionally affordable and come in an array of gorgeous shades. In this review I will be looking at Air Kiss and Traffic Jam, two beautiful bold shades. Air KIss is a deep pink and Traffic Jam is a bold red. 

I am very impressed with the quality of NYC lipsticks. They are very creamy and pigmented with a slightly glossy finish. All of the colours are pretty and wearable shades. The lipstick is very long lasting and you don't need to reapply throughout the day. The packaging is very unique and certainly stands out from the crowd; I've not actually seen any other lipsticks that don't twist down fully. They also have a clear lid. Overall, the packaging is very nice looking, but personally I would rather that the lipstick could be fully twisted down as if the lid falls off in your bag it could be impractical. However, this is only a minor detail and otherwise I am very pleased with the quality of the product, and the lipsticks are very eye catching and unique looking. 

Traffic Jam is a bold mid red with warm undertones. The lipstick is a classic pillar box red and is very daring. It's quite a bright shade but is flattering and looks gorgeous with a subtle brown eye with a classic eyeliner wing. 

Air Kiss is a stunning dark cool toned pink. It's an incredibly pretty shade and is very wearable. The shade is quite muted and is very flattering. It is a blue toned pink so looks best with cool, ashy eyeshadows. 

Overall I think that NYC's lipsticks are incredible and I loved the colours discussed in this review. Air Kiss is a gorgeous pink and I think that anyone who likes pink lipsticks should try this out as it is a very pretty, flattering colour. Traffic Jam is a daring red and is very glamorous. 

I hope that you enjoyed this review! Comment below if you've tried out NYC lipsticks or if you have any questions. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Highlighter in Goddess of Love Review and Swatches

Makeup Revolution's I Heart Makeup range of baked highlighters are all so pretty and I was tempted to purchase all of them! I chose Goddess of Love, a gorgeous shimmering pink toned highlighter with amazing pigmentation and a glorious, glowing effect. This highlighter costs £4.99 which is incredible considering the quality of the product. 

I love the packaging of the Makeup Revolution highlighters and blushers; they come in a large heart shaped box. You get a large amount of product as the box is fairly large, 

The highlighter has quite a soft texture and is very pigmented. It's very easy to blend and build up an intense look. There is a lot of very finely grained glitter throughout it. The highlighter I chose is a very light, pink toned champagne shade. It is far more pink than the other highlighters in the collection. The highlighter has a beautiful effect, giving a natural glow and illuminating the face. It gives a very natural, healthy look and is absolutely lovely. 

I could not recommend this highlighter enough! It is one of the most gorgeous highlighters I have used and feels so luxurious. I think that this shade is gorgeous and very flattering on my cool toned skin. If you are more warm toned then the more golden toned highlighter Goddess of Faith may suit your complexion more, but I think that this highlighter is infinitely flattering on any skin tone. 

I hope that this review helped you and if you have any queries or comments then feel free to comment below. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit in Opulent Nudes Review & Swatches

Max Factor's range of Smokey Eye Drama Kits are all really cute and pretty. I was interested in all of them but settled on the Opulent Nudes palette, which has a mixture of essential nude shades perfect for creating a dramatic eye. 

I think that the packaging of these Max Factor palettes is really cute as they are very small and neat looking. The palettes come with four different shades and an eyeshadow applicator. 

As always, Max Factor delivers high quality and a sense of luxury with these palettes. The eyeshadows are very creamy and pigmented. They are very easy to blend and feel very comfortable. You don't need to apply a lot of eyeshadow as they are so pigmented that only a little is required for an intense effect. 

The first shade is a pink toned cream colour. This colour is very pigmented for such a pale shade, and is perfect for highlighting. It's a very useful shade and is more pink than it appears in the pan. 

The second shade is a gorgeous cool toned shimmery brown. It's a very intense, glittery shade and is probably the nicest colour in the palette. The shimmer is very finely grained which makes it very sophisticated and wearable but at the same time it is very glamorous and pretty. 

The third shade is a matte mid brown colour. This shade is slightly lighter than the second shade. The colour has no shimmer and is slightly more warm toned than shade two. 

The fourth shade is a very dark, ash brown shade with a matte finish. It's a very intense shade and is perfect for making the look more smokey. 

When I used the kit for the first time I used shade 1 in the inner corner of the eye and as a highlighter and then applied shade two liberally to the lid. I then took shade three and blended it into the crease and underneath the eye, finishing by using shade four in the outer corner of the eye. 

I am very pleased with this eyeshadow palette and think that it is perfect for creating a dark nude eye. The colours are all very wearable and make creating a smokey eye easier and more neutral. I would definitely recommend this palette to anybody looking for a more intense nude palette. 

I hope that you enjoyed this review. If you've used this palette before or if you have any questions then comment below.