Sunday, 31 May 2015

Lady Danger Mac Lipstick Review and Swatch

Lady Danger is without a doubt one of Mac's most iconic lipsticks, but also one of the most daring. It is an incredibly vibrant orange based red, and a very intense shade.
I bought Lady Danger expecting a bright red but I was not expecting it to be as orange as it appears on me. I was surprised as I had expected a pure red, but I have grown to like the lipstick a lot. So if you are going to buy the lipstick expecting a red with no orange tones, you should adjust your expectations to avoid disappointment.
Lady Danger is a fiery red that is surprisingly flattering. I think that this colour would look especially good on darker skintones. As I am very pale I expected the colour to wash me out but the contrast looks surprisingly good.

Mac's matte lipsticks are very good because while they have a completely matte finish, they remain creamy and easy to apply. Lady Danger is incredibly creamy and glides across the lips; it is one of the creamiest matte lipsticks I've used. I was very impressed with the lipstick's consistency.
Overall I would definitely recommend Lady Danger. It's a very daring shade but it is very iconic and I get compliments whenever I wear it.
Have you tried Lady Danger yet?

Collection Little Mix Lipsticks Perrie, Jade, Jesy & Leigh Anne Review and Swatches

As Little Mix have just released their video for the new single Black Magic I thought that it was a fitting time to review their makeup range. Collection released their Little Mix makeup range some time ago now but I only recently decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed. You can get the Little Mix lipsticks from bigger Superdrug stores such as in Oxford Street or order them online. I bought the whole range of lipsticks as you can see here.

From left to right - Leigh Anne, Jesy, Jade and Perrie

All of the colours are very nice - but the colour I was really drawn to was Perrie's. Perrie has become known for her signature purple lipstick and clearly the collection has been influenced by the girls' personal style. Perrie's is a beautiful pinkish purple shade, and is quite similar to Mac's Up the Amp. 

The lipstick has a slight scent similar to sweets; it is quite pleasant but not overpowering. The packaging is fairly solid and very impressive for the money; for just £2.99 you can't go wrong.

The lipstick has a nice finish; rather than being overly glossy, it has a slight sheen to it. The lipstick is highly pigmented and very creamy. The colour is extremely pretty, the perfect mix of pink and purple. Perrie was seen wearing the lipstick on various occasions. 

Here is a swatch of the lipstick

Leigh Anne's lipstick is a gorgeous dark red colour with a matte finish. I was surprised at the finish and how creamy and easy to apply it is. Matte lipsticks are drying even in the most expensive brands so for a £2.99 lipstick to deliver such good results is incredibly impressive. Leigh Anne's is the deepest shade of the collection, and can be worn in a vampy way or with neutral eyeshadow for a classic look. I noticed that Leigh Anne's shade is the most long lasting out of the collection, probably due to its matte finish. Here is a photo of the lipstick:

Jade's lipstick is a very neutral, wearable colour, and is definitely the most wearable of the collection. However, this does not mean it is boring; it is a beautiful nude colour with slight pink undertones that would flatter every skin tone. The lipstick has a lovely creamy consistency and a satiny finish. It can be worn with practically any eyeshadow so is very useful for when you don't know what lipstick to put on.

And finally moving on to Jesy's shade, which is by far the most vibrant and daring shade. Jesy's lipstick is a bright matte red. The shade has slight orange undertones and is quite similar to Mac's Lady Danger only less orange toned. Like the others, it has a creamy consistency but its finish is fairly satiny. 

All in all, I think that the collection is very impressive. It has some more unusual colours (like Perrie's purple) but also some classic reds and essential nudes. Perrie's colour is my favourite of the collection as I have a soft spot for purple lipstick and hers is one of the most wearable, pretty shades I have come across, However the other shades are also very pretty and I would definitely recommend buying Jade and Leigh Anne as they are very classic wearable shades. If you're more daring and like bright colours then you should go for Jesy. 

Have you tried the Little Mix collection and what do you think of it? Have you heard their new single yet?

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Mac Flat Out Fabulous Review and Swatch

After weeks of considering what Mac lipstick to purchase next I finally decided today to get Flat Out Fabulous, which quite literally lives up to its name. It is a bright pink shade with a slight purple tone to it and isn't for the faint hearted. 

Those of you who are familiar with Mac lipsticks will need no introduction to the luxurious quality of their lipsticks. They are incredibly good quality and have a range of beautiful colours, each of which is highly unique. Flat Out Fabulous is no exception to the rule; its pigmentation is highly impressive and despite being a very matte texture, the lipstick is still fairly easy to apply. 

As always the lipstick comes in Mac's signature black packaging; a simple yet classy design that remains timeless. 

You can even feel the quality of the lipstick when you hold it; the packaging is both stylish and durable and won't get scratched easily when in your bag.

As you can see the colour is a beautiful plum/pink colour and is universally flattering. The lipstick is from Mac's Retro Matte range, which does mean it is more drying on the lips than their other lipsticks. However, the consistency is far better than many other matte lipsticks on the market and it remains fairly easy to apply. The beautifully matte finish is stunning and worth the slight dryness, which can be alleviated with the use of a lip balm prior to application. 

The lipstick's matte finish means that is is very hard wearing and will last throughout the day. Mac's matte lipsticks often remain fairly pristine after eating and drinking which is very impressive. The colour is very bright but the matte finish makes it more wearable. If you are looking for a bright pink with purple undertones then I would highly recommend this shade. If you would rather have a Barbie pink without the purple-ness then this lipstick is probably not what you are looking for. I would also recommend this colour for anybody with cool toned skin pink pink undertones; this shade is very flattering on this kind of skin tone. In conclusion, this lipstick is a gorgeous shade that would make a good addition to any lipstick collection. 

Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to my new blog, Scarlett Poppy! As you may have guessed, my name is Scarlett Poppy and I'm going to be blogging about beauty products from all price ranges and brands. Before I start swatching and reviewing I'd like to say hello to anyone reading and thank you for visiting my blog. I will be reviewing a variety of products and trust me, I buy a lot of makeup, so there will be plenty of posts!
 I've been a beauty enthusiast since I was very young and have been considering starting a blog for a long time now. I've often looked at others' blogs and felt inspired, and now that I've finished my first year of university it seems like a good time to bite the bullet and start blogging. I hope that you all enjoy my blog! :)