Sunday, 28 June 2015

Loreal La Palette Nude Beige & Rose Review & Swatches

The Loreal nude palettes caught my eye quite a while ago so I bought the palettes a few weeks ago. I'm particularly fond of the rose palette as I'm a big fan of rose golds and dusky pink shades. I feel like both of these palettes have strong 90s vibes to them. In this review I will be comparing the palettes and swatching the colours.

I'll begin this review by examining the packaging of the palettes. As always, Loreal have provided sturdy, stylish packaging. The palettes come with a double ended brush; one end is a standard foam applicator and the other is a bristle brush. The brush is fairly good quality and it's nice to have a bristle brush as well as a foam applicator. The palettes have a fairly large sized mirror which is very useful and means you don't have to carry an extra mirror around with you. 

There are ten colours in each palette including a mixture of matte and shimmery shades, something I like about this palette. Many brands seem to forget to include matte shades, which are incredibly useful for creating  everyday makeup looks. Sometimes shimmery eyeshadows can be too intense so wearing a matte shade can make the overall look more wearable, so I am very glad that Loreal included some matte shades in their palettes. The palettes also have a mixture of warm and cool toned shades, giving the palette enough variety to create a multitude of different looks.

I'm going to begin looking at the Rose palette. Despite having hundreds of pink eyeshadows I was intrigued enough by this palette to get another. The colours are incredibly pretty and wearable but are unusual enough to warrant me buying the palette. When I swatched the palette I immediately noticed that the shades are not as dark as they appear in the pan so don't be afraid to use some of the darker shades. I also noticed that the palette appears to be slightly less pigmented than the Beige palette, although both palettes have good pigmentation.

Shade 1 is a pale shimmery off white colour with a hint of pinkness to it. It's a useful colour for highlighting and using in the inner corner and is more interesting than your standard pale shimmery colour as its slight pinkness gives it another dimension. 

Shade 2 is a pale shimmery cool toned pink. The pigmentation is fairly high but as the shade is quite pale you do have to apply quite a lot in order to make it more noticeable and dramatic. 

Shade 3 is a stunning matte dusky pink with a slight mauveness to it. This is one of my favourite colours as I love the ambiguity of the shade; its muted greyness makes it quite hard to define and it is a perfect colour for creating a 90s look. 

Shade 4 is similar to Shade 3 and has the same level of darkness and matteness only the share is decidedly more brown. It's a very wearable, useful colour but is less exciting than Shade 3. 

Shade 5 is a vibrant rose gold shade. The colour is highly pigmented and more so then the other colours in this palette, probably due to its shimmery finish. The colour is far warmer than the previous shades and is more of a salmon pink than a mauvey pink.While the shade is very pretty it was one of my least favourite shades from the palette as I prefer the cool toned dusky pink shades. 

Shade 6 is a mid tone brown shade with a slight iridescence. It's a very muted, wearable shade and has reasonably high pigmentation. 

Shade 7 is a mid cool tone brown with a matte finish. It's another useful shade for creating a 90s brown eye. 

Shade 8 is a cool toned brown with a very shimmery finish. It has high pigmentation and feels very creamy and smooth. I think this shade is gorgeous. 

Shade 9 is a dark gray toned shade with a hint of brown and mauve. This shade is very intense with a matte finish and is very pigmented but does have some fallout. It is the darkest shade from the palette and I would recommend using this shade minimally; it would work well used for the outer corner of the eyes or as a liner. 

Shade 10 is a dark shimmery plum shade and is very dramatic. I like this shade a lot as it is quite unusual and appears to have minimal fallout for such a dark shade.

Moving into the Loreal La Palette Nude Beige, this palette has far more traditional nude colours than the Rose palette. While it does contain a combination of warm and cool toned shades, its shades are generally far warmer than that of the Rose palette and they are also darker and more intense. With the exception of Shade 1, the Beige palette is more pigmented and the colours are more intense.

Shade 1 is the least exciting of the palette; the colour is very similar to Shade 1 of the Rose palette only it has no pink undertones. Rather, it is a pale off white with a shimmery finish. This colour is very pretty but in my opinion lacks pigmentation. As you can see the colour is barely visible on my arm so I had to load it into my finger and take a photo. However, this is the only disappointing colour of the palette and it does appear more pigmented in real life.

Shade 2 is a whole other matter. The pigmentation of this shade is amazing. It's an incredibly shimmery, gorgeous golden shade with warm undertones. This shade is so pigmented that you only need to use a little for an intense effect. It's a lovely colour and the finish is gorgeous as its shimmer is very finely grated.

Shade 3 is a pale nude camel shade with a matte finish. Its pigmentation is fairly impressive and it's a very wearable, natural shade.

Shade 4 is highly pigmented, shimmery taupe shade and is probably my favourite colour from the palette. It's a gorgeous cool toned mid brown with amazing pigmentations and shimmer. I love the shimmery shades in this palette as they are so creamy and pigmented and have such a gorgeous finish.

Shade 5 is another shimmery shade, this time a pale lemon shade, again with amazing pigmentation and a gorgeous finish.

Shade 6 is a mid tone brown with a slight ash tone to it. It's a very matte, intense shade and is very cool toned.

Shade 7 is similar to Shade 6 only it is more warm toned. It has roughly the same level of darkness and matteness as Shade 6.

Shade 8 is a gorgeous dark bronze shade. The colour has some beautiful shimmer to it and appears far less orange than it looks in the pan. It's a very pretty, muted bronze.

Shade 9 is a very dark, neutral brown share with a matte finish. It's a very useful shade for using in the crease and outer corner.

Shade 10 is an off black shade; the colour has a matte finish and is very cool toned and intense.

Overall I am very impressed with the palettes. While I was initially more excited about the Rose palette, I soon became more fond of the Beige palette, which offers some of the most gorgeous shimmery shades. Nevertheless the Rose palette is lovely and has some beautiful mauvey pink shades and I think it's worth getting both of the palettes as they have so many different looks to offer.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Punky Purple Look: Ethereal Eyes & Dark Purple Lips Featuring Nyx & Makeup Revolution

I love the colour purple and think it looks so nice with green eyes so I decided to do a makeup look using purple eyeshadows from Makeup Revolution's Romantic Smoked palette and purple lipstick to match. Usually I pair my purple eyeshadows with muted lips but I wanted to make this look more edgy and punky so decided to go for a vibrant lip colour.

After perfecting my base using Seventeen Stay Time foundation and concealer in Soft Ivory and Extra Fair, set with Collection's Ivory Pressed Powder, I started working on my eyes, which I wanted to be ethereal and pretty with an edge. I fill in my brows using Loreal Brow Artiste pencil in Blonde 2. I used Makeup Revolution's Romantic Smoked palette to create the purple eye look. Taking Shade 1, I liberally applied eyeshadow to the inner corner of my eye. I wanted to create a natural glow and I feel that this really opens up the eyes. After I finished with Shade 1, I took Shade 5 and applied it all over the lid. It's a very shimmery, pigmented shade. Then I took Shade 9 and blended it into the crease. I used Shade 6 under my eyes and finally took Shade 11 into the outer corner and blended it into the crease for added drama.

Once I finished applying the eyeshadow I moved onto creating a thick cat eye. I love dramatic flicks and for this look I think you should go for a thicker wing rather than a thin one to make the look more edgy. As the colours are so pretty a thin wing might make the look a bit delicate and I was going for a more punky look. A lot of people find it hard to perfect a cat eye but it gets easier the more you practise. I find it easy to apply eyeliner as normal and then draw a line extending your eye, joining it back again. Once I have finished the eyeliner I apply two coats of my Gosh Boombastic mascara.

I used my Nyx Taupe Blush Powder to contour and add a flush of colour with my H&M Sweet Rose blusher, a really wearable colour that goes with so many different looks.Purple can make the face look a bit washed out so I think it's important to add a flush of colour to keep the look fresh and make the skin look healthy and vibrant. 

For my lips I wanted a matte, intense purple shade to make the look more edgy and daring. I used Nyx's lip liner in Deep Purple, a very intense, dark purple shade. Nyx lip liners are such good quality and they're really affordable. Their lip liners rival many of Mac's colours and they offer many dupes of the popular shades. Deep Purple is such a useful colour as there aren't many purple lip liners around and I usually have to resort to using eye liners!

After I have finished applying the lip liner the look is complete. If you want the look to be more wearable you could go for a lighter purple lipstick such as Mac's Up The Amp but I think pairing the purple eyes with such a dark, intense colour is quite an unusual look and I think it works.
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Velvet Depravity, Black Heart & What I Believe Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers Review & Swatches

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers come in so many exciting colours that I couldn't resist picking up some more colours. I'm always interested in unusual, vibrant colours and usually I have to look at more expensive brands such as Mac to get these colours. However Makeup Revolution are one of the few affordable makeup brands that offer the crazy, unusual colours that I, along with many other makeup fanatics, want to try out. In this blog I will be looking at Velvet Depravity, one of the boldest purple lip colours around, Black Heart, an intense almost black berry shade and What I Believe, the most wearable of these shades, a vibrant coral pink shade. 

The formula of these lip lacquers is highly impressive. They are easy to apply, although I recommend working fairly quickly before they dry. When applied they look wet but they dry to a completely matte finish. While the texture can feel slightly uncomfortable due to its dryness, if you use a lip balm beforehand you should be fine and the extremely matte finish makes it worth any discomfort. 

Velvet Depravity is basically a matte, liquid version of the Makeup Revolution lipstick called Depraved, only it is more intense and has a long lasting matte finish. The colour is a bright, slightly lilac purple and is one of the brightest purple shades I have seen on the market. However it is very pretty and I like that this shade is not pink toned; I've been looking for a pure purple shade for a while now and this is exactly what I wanted. However, it is incredibly bright so if you want a more wearable, muted purple then I would recommend you try their other shade, Keep Lying For You, which has more pink undertones and is less bright. If you're interested in experimenting with bold purple shades then this is definitely a colour you should try as it is so pretty and vibrant at the same time and it's a very unusual colour.

Black Heart is very similar to a Makeup Revolution Lip Lacquer I have previously reviewed called Velvet Vamp, only it is more dark and closer to black. As its title suggests, the colour is an intense dark shade with purplely undertones. It is more wearable than a pure black lipstick as the slight berry shade to it makes it less harsh on the face and has a more flattering effect. I love dark and vampy colours so I'm very pleased with this lipstick. It's an incredibly dark grape shade and its matte finish makes it classy and more wearable.

What I Believe is a pretty coral pink shade. While it looks relatively muted in the tube the lip lacquer is actually fairly bright in reality so keep this in mind when deciding whether you will buy this shade or not. I think that this is a very nice shade for summer and would look gorgeous with neutral eyeshadows and a tan. Although it's a fairly bold colour it's still wearable and is very pretty. It has a slight peachiness to it and has some orange undertones.

I love Makeup Revolution's range of Velvet  Lip Lacquers and am so glad they included such bold, unusual colours in this range. While the formula is slightly drying, I think that the finish is amazing and the colours are absolutely stunning, particularly Velvet Depravity. I would definitely recommend trying out some of these colours and checking out the rest of the range as they also offer some more wearable colours and some gorgeous reds and pinks that I am interested in trying out.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post, thank you for reading! Comment below if you have any questions. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

90s Inspired Makeup Look Featuring Loreal La Palette & Rimmel Addiction Lip Liner

90s makeup is so wearable and classic. I've always loved nude eyeshadows and lipsticks so now that the 90s look is coming back I can happily embrace the look! 

For this look I wanted to create a classic, sophisticated look. This look is all about matte textures and brown shades so I wanted to create a flawless matte base and use products with no shimmer whatsoever. 

For my base I used my Seventeen Stay Time foundation in Ivory. This foundation gives very good coverage and is a very pale colour but perhaps a little yellow toned for my cool toned skin. The foundation is so good at covering that you can get away without using concealer but I like to use my matching Seventeen Stay Time concealer in Extra Fair to add extra coverage and create a perfect base. I set with my Collection Pressed Powder. 

I think strong, defined eyebrows are an essential part of the 90s look. Big brows were very fashionable in the 90s so emphasizing your brows is a key part of this look. I fill in my eyebrows using my Loreal Brow Artiste pencil in Blonde 2 and set them with my H&M eyebrow gel.

Using Loreal La Palette Beige for my eyes I create a simple, matte brown eye. I use shade 3 in the lid and shade 7 in the crease and under my eye, blending it carefully. You can build the eyeshadow up depending on how dramatic you want the look to be. I like the lid and crease to be quite contrasting colours as I feel this makes the simple look more striking and it makes your eyes look bigger. I add Shade 5 in the inner corner of my eye. This is the only shimmery colour I used in this look. I finish the eyes by applying Gosh Boombastic mascara, applying two coats for a more intense look.

I used my Real Techniques contouring brush to define my cheekbones with Nyx Blush Powder in Taupe. I think this contouring powder is an amazing product and goes perfectly with the brown eyeshadows I chose to use with this look. You can use more or less of this powder depending on how dramatic you want the look to be. For blusher I used my H&M blusher in Sweet Rose but as this blusher is very pigmented I only apply a little. I think that this look should have minimal blusher as the contouring should not be overpowered. I do not use any highlighter for this look as I want to avoid shimmers and glitters.

The lips are the most important feature of this look. For the lips I used a mixture of lip liner and lipstick. I took Rimmel London's Exaggerate lip liner in Addiction and applied it all over my lips, giving them a matte finish. I then took Max Factor's lipstick in Rosewood, a beautiful 90s brown shade, and applied it in the centre of my lips for more dimension and to create an illusion of having bigger lips.

This look is really easy to create and looks really classy and elegant. You can wear this look everyday or at night time as it's so versatile.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and as always if you have any questions just comment below.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Rimmel London Vintage Pink Lipstick, Addiction Lip Liner & Light Sun Natural Bronzer Review & Swatches

This post is going to be a mini Rimmel haul. I've wanted Vintage Pink lipstick for a long time now and finally decided to get it a few days ago. As there is an offer in Superdrug where you get a free bronzer when you spend £9, I decided to pick up a nude lip liner called Addiction. 

Vintage Pink is a gorgeous mauve pink shade. The lipstick is a very creamy formula and has a shiny finish. The packaging is solid and the lipstick is very pigmented. It's one of the prettiest colours I own. The day I wore it outside I actually got strangers asking me what lipstick I was wearing!

As the lipstick is very slippery it can be a little hard to control and it doesn't last as long as their matte formulas so I would recommend using a lip liner with this lipstick. It will help it stay in place for longer and it will be easier to apply. Here are some swatches of the lipstick:

Addiction lip liner comes in a twist up formula. Rimmel's lip liners remind me of Mac's creme stick liners; they're incredibly good quality for the money and many of their shades are dupes for Mac lip liners. Addiction is a mid brown shade and has a creamy consistency. It is very similar to Whirl lip liner by Mac but it is a bit lighter and more creamy. Be careful when applying the lip liner as it can snap off if you're not careful. This is a perfect 90s brown colour and can be used all over for a flawless matte brown lip. 

The Natural Bronzer is not something I would usually pick up as I am very pale and don't tan but as this was a free gift I thought that it was worth a try. I originally got the darkest shade by accident so I swapped with my sister who picked up a lighter shade called Light Sun. It comes in the same packaging as their powder which is simple and effective. It's a very warm, light to medium shade bronzer. It's a nice colour but it's probably still too dark for me so I may end up giving this to my mum! 

I'm pleased with the purchases I made and I would definitely recommend Vintage Pink lipstick as it is a gorgeous colour! Addiction lip liner is perfectly 90s and even if you're not looking for a brown lip liner I would recommend trying their other shades as their lip liners are hugely impressive and are probably the best cheap drugstore lip liners available. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Max Factor Ruby Tuesday Lipstick Review & Swatch

I am always interested in trying out new red lipsticks so when I see an offer I have to swoop! I got this lipstick free in an offer Superdrug were recently doing where you got Ruby Tuesday free if you spend £11 and it was such a nice freebie. Max Factor lipsticks have a luxurious feel to them; their sleek golden packaging is classy and looks very expensive. The lipstick is pigmented and creamy and has a glossy finish.

As its name suggests, Ruby Tuesday is a ruby red colour with pink undertones. It's a very flattering cool toned red; this colour will suit anyone but is particularly flattering on those with a cool toned complexion. It's a very glamorous, classic shade and is fairly vivid and daring. This shade would look best with neutral eyeshadows as it is a very intense colour. I would wear cool toned taupe shades with this colour and if you add a dramatic eyeliner flick it can be used to create quite a retro, Marilyn Monroe look.

The finish of the lipstick is fairly glossy but while I do generally favour matte lipsticks, I feel that the finish works with this colour. It makes it more glamorous and it isn't too shiny.
I would recommend this lipstick to anybody looking for a ruby red lipstick with a slight sheen. Max Factor products are very good quality and their lipsticks are so easy to apply and come in classic, wearable colours. This colour is no exception; it's a classic, classy red.