Saturday, 29 August 2015

Collection Contour Kit Highlight & Sculpt Review & Swatches

Collection recently released a contouring kit and as a loyal contourer I was naturally interested. I've been using my Nyx Taupe Blush Powder for contouring for some time now and when I saw Collection's Contouring Kit on offer in Superdrug I decided to have a change and try it out. 

The set comes with a contour powder and a highlighter. You get a rather large amount of both products, especially considering its modest price. The set has a small mirror, which, while not big enough for applying a full face of makeup, is useful for quickly checking and fixing makeup while on the go. 

The contour powder is a warm, mid brown shade. It is fairly pigmented and blends very easily. The colour is a natural shade, however it is slightly too warm for my colouring as I have very cool toned porcelain skin. Nevertheless it is still a very believable colour and can be built up depending on the level of intensity you require. 

The highlighter is a very natural shade and can be built up. I am used to very dramatic, intense highlighter, so I had to apply a few layers of this to achieve the intensity I usually wear. However, it does make a pleasant change to wear something that is very natural and believable. It adds a natural glow and shimmer to your face. It's a gorgeous, pretty highlighter and I think it would look lovely with all kinds of makeup looks.

Overall I am very impressed with Collection's Contour Kit and think that it is amazingly good value for money. However Nyx Taupe Blush Powder is a more cool toned shade, something that suits my colouring. Nonetheless this kit is a very good buy and I will look forward to wearing it. I think the quality is amazing and I am so glad that Collection released a contouring set! 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Rimmel London Kate Moss Nude Lipsticks in 40 & 45 Review & Swatches

I find the majority of Rimmel's lipsticks appealing. However, the Kate Moss collection is particularly attractive as the colours are all so sophisticated and wearable. The latest release is the nude collection, of which there are five shades to choose from. I opted for shade 40, the palest, and shade 45, a slightly darker nude. The other shades were either too warm or too dark for my colouring, but I would recommend testing them to find your perfect nude shade. Each shade is meant to suit different skin tones so it is worth experimenting. 

The lipsticks are very creamy and have a slightly shiny finish. They are pigmented and look slightly paler on the lips than they in the tube. 

Shade 40 is a warm toned light nude. It is a very yellow based nude and is very light so I would not recommend this shade for people with dark skin. This colour can easily look very chalky so be sure to test it against your skin before purchasing. It is a very wearable, natural shade perfect for an everyday look or paired with a smokey eye. 

Shade 45 is a mid nude with cool undertones. The colour is a more pink based nude than shade 40 and is quite considerably darker. I would recommend this shade if you're looking for a mid nude with a slight mauveness to it.
Overall I think that the lipsticks are impressive but I would like to see more variation in the range; it would be good if they released some more shades as I would love to get some more nude lipsticks!

Have you tried the lipsticks? Comment below if you have any queries.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Max Factor Excess Shimmer Cream Eyeshadows in Pink Opal & Copper Review & Swatches

Max Factor products always deliver amazing quality so I had no qualms about purchasing two of their cream eyeshadows at £7.99 each. However, I did struggle to settle on which colours to buy! I immediately knew that I had to buy Copper as it was such a beautiful colour but many of the other colours also tempted me. Eventually I decided on Pink Opal, an incredibly pretty lilac shade.

While all of the eyeshadows are gorgeous, I would say that the names are slightly misleading. Copper is, in my opinion, not a true copper - it is more of a metallic brown. I also think that Pink Opal is a purple shade. So bear this in mind when purchasing the products. Obviously I tested the shades anyway so was fully aware of what I was buying but I did think it was worth mentioning in case of any confusion.

The packaging of the products is, as always, immaculate, and is safely sealed. When I opened Copper I was delighted with the perfect formation of a swirl in the centre; however unfortunately Pink Opal was not as aesthetically pleasing and was somewhat messy. Nonetheless the product remained entirely intact and this was an unavoidable superficial flaw that would not affect the actual product in any way. Being a perfectionist, it did irritate me but the product would eventually end up in a similar state after a few uses anyway and this in no way reflects badly on the quality of the products. 

The formula of these creamy, almost mousse like eyeshadows is delightfully pleasant; they glide along your skin and blend perfectly, achieving full pigmentation in just one swipe. They are easy to blend with other shades, even powder based eyeshadows. They are truly a pleasure to wear as they are so comfortable and feel as though you are wearing nothing. 

As the eyeshadows are so creamy and soft, their longevity does suffer somewhat. I did notice towards the end of the day that my eyeshadow had creased slightly but it was quickly and easily repaired with a quick reapplication of the product. I would also recommend that you leave the product to set for a few minutes before applying eye liner as it can make applying eyeliner difficult. 

Pink Opal is a beautiful iridescent lilac shade with a beautiful multi-tonal quality. When seen in different lights many different colours can be perceived such as blue and silver. It is a very pretty shade and is quite light, making it wearable and flattering. This is an ideal shade if you're looking for a fairy like, multi faceted shade.

Copper is a gorgeous mid brown shade with warm undertones. It's a beautiful, wearable shade and has a lot of shimmer throughout it, giving it more dimension and making it more interesting than a standard nude shade. It has a slight goldness to it. This is definitely the best colour from their range so if you only buy one shade make it this one - you will not regret it! 

Overall I was very impressed with Max Factor's Excess Shimmer cream eyeshadows. Aside from some minor difficulties with the unfortunate presentation of Pink Opal, the products were of a very high quality and the colours are amazing. I would definitely recommend these eyeshadows.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment below if you've tried the eyeshadows yourself or if you have any questions.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Taylor Swift Bad Blood Inspired Makeup Featuring Nars Cruella Lip Pencil

Taylor Swift always has stunning makeup and her music video for Bad Blood is full of exciting makeup looks. However, the most appealing for me is the look at the end of the video where, donning a red wig, Taylor is wearing a dramatic smokey cat eye with crimson red lips. This is the look that this post will be focusing on.

Obviously an essential part of this look is having a flawless base. Taylor's skin looks flawless and matte - I do not think she is wearing any highlighter and the base does not have any shimmer. I applied my Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation in 100 Fair and then concealed with my Seventeen Stay Time Concealer in Extra Fair. I think that it is important to use high coverage foundations and concealer for this look to achieve a flawless base. I used my Collection Pressed Powder in Ivory to finish the base, applying it liberally for a completely shine free finish. 

Taylor's brows are fairly strong and defined in this look and appear to have been filled in more dramatically than usual so I applied more of my Maybelline Brow Satin than usual to deepen my brows. I used the shade Mahogany Red, which is a very natural reddish brown shade, and set them in place using my Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Gel in clear. Once the eyebrows are complete it's time to move onto the most important part of the look - the smokey eye. 

Taylor's eyes are very dramatic in this look and the look is made up of a combination of multi tonal greys and blacks. The key component of the eyes is the elongated eyeliner wing, which extends into the tear duct and outwards. I began by taking my Collection Nude Grey palette and using the shade Parchment, a light cream shade, to highlight the inner corner of my eye. I then took Under the Moon, a light silver shimmery shade, and blended it across the lid. Taking Driftwood, a deeper, more intense silver, I created a subtle gradation effect by blending Driftwood in the outer corner, using Under the Moon as a transition shade. It is important to blend the two shades very thoroughly to create a seamless look. 

Using an angled eyeshadow brush to create a wing I took shade 7 from Makeup Revolution's Redemption Palette Essential Day to Night and blended into the crease, diffusing the shadow to make the look more smokey. Taking shade 9, a deep black with shimmer, I went under the eye and blended carefully. Returning to my Collection palette I took Eclipse and accentuated the crease, focusing on the outer corner and darkening the overall look. 

Once I finished applying the eyeshadow I moved onto the key part of the look; the eyeliner. I used my Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner to line my eyes as usual, then taking the wing further and thicker than usual. Go as big as possible with the wing! This look is not about subtlety so the bigger the wing, the better. Once I finished drawing the wing I returned to the inner corner of my eye, also elongating the eyeliner here and bringing it underneath my eye, lining around it entirely. I then took Model's Co. Black eye liner and lined the waterline, finishing the eyes by applying Loreal Telescopic Mascara in Extra Black. 

Taylor does appear to have some subtle contouring on her cheekbones in the Bad Blood video so I applied my Nyx Blush Powder in Taupe, focusing on the higher part of my cheekbones. I then applied a tiny amount of B.'s blusher in Macaroon just to add some dimension; the eyes and lips are the main focus of this look and a strong blusher would overpower the look. However minimal blusher adds the necessary dimension to the face and completes the look. 

Finally I apply the red lipstick. Taylor's lipstick appears to be a very matte, dark red and I think that Nars Cruella is a very close match. After applying this shade, the look is complete! 

I hope that you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or any suggestions as to what products Taylor is wearing in this video please comment below!

B. Blushers in Macaroon & Rosy Brown Review & Swatches

As I have very fair skin I often find blushers too bright and unnatural looking so when I first tried one of B.'s blushers I was very pleasantly surprised by how natural and muted the colours appear on the skin. I first bought Macaroon when it was on sale for half its original price and was not expecting to find my everyday blusher! I can honestly say that it is the most wearable blusher in my collection and I will be repurchasing it in the foreseeable future. 

Similarly, Rosy Brown is an incredibly wearable shade. While it appears quite dark and intense in the pan, this is not the case when it is applied. It is a very neutral, flattering shade. When purchasing B. Blushers I recommend that you try a colour a few shades darker than you normally would - the blushers do not appear anywhere near as intense when applied and are all perfectly natural, believable colours that give you a realistic flush of colour.

B.'s blushers are very good quality and are almost creamy in that they are so easy to blend and apply to the face. Their powder formula is quite soft and fragile so be careful to avoid dropping them as I fear they would break easily! 

Macaroon is a light, cool toned pink. The colour appears quite bright in the pan but it is very natural when applied. You can build up its intensity by adding a few more layers but I personally prefer to apply minimally for a natural glow. It's a very pretty colour that perfectly emulates a natural blush. 

Rosy Brown is the more intense of the two shades and is a mid brownish pink shade. The colour is fairly dark but when blended can look lighter and more natural. It is a very muted colour with warm undertones and is perfect if you want a colour in between a deep pink and a brown. 

B. Blushers are very impressive and come in a variety of different colours. They are very wearable colours and are easy to apply. They offer buildable colour and are very versatile in that you can easily intensify them if necessary. I would definitely recommend these to anybody who finds most blushers are too bright and intense for their skin tone or to anybody just looking for a new blusher to wear. My only reservation with these blushers is that I do find the packaging to be somewhat cold and clinical but this is just a matter of perks am preference and some may consider this a strength.

I hope that this post was useful. If you have any queries comment below.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Nars Schiap Dupe: New Look Magenta Lipstick Review, Comparison & Swatches

Nars Schiap is an iconic, hugely popular lipstick. The colour is a gorgeous, bright pink that flatters every skin tone. However, at £20, it is not cheap. New Look offer a far cheaper alternative in the form of their Magenta lipstick, a £3 matte lipstick which is practically identical to Schiap.

While New Look's lipsticks are very good quality for the money, the quality of Nars lipsticks is insurmountable and their lucrative price tag is justified by this. Their packaging is incredibly resilient and beautifully presented. They deliver a flawless matte finish yet feel as though you are applying a normal lipstick. They are not at all drying and do not drag. Their finish is divine and they are highly pigmented. 

New Look provide a fairly matte finish, however they are not as matte as that of Nars. Their texture is also far more drying and harder to apply; however, considering the price discrepancy this is forgiveable. The New Look lipstick is less pigmented then Nars and had a more streaky finish. 

New Look Magenta is on top and Nars Schiap is below.

While the lipsticks are nearly identical in colour, there are some minutely perceptible differences. Schiap is slightly lighter and more bright; Magenta is more cool, blue toned and less matte. 

Overall, New Look's Magenta is an excellent alternative to Schiap. While it is undeniably pleasant to own such a luxurious lipstick, the far smaller price tag of Magenta makes Schiap appear a little unnecessarily expensive. If you frequently wear bright pink colours, then perhaps investing in Schiap is a justifiable indulgence. However, if you rarely wear right colours, Magenta is a more sensible buy. 

New Look Magenta is on the left and Nars Schiap is on the right.